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Ours is a relatively new (2006) mission in southern Togo that includes over three dozen villages in a large, poverty-stricken rural area populated by subsistence farmers. I hope you enjoy the news, information and photos provided here.

More importantly, I hope that by learning about the mission work of the Church in this remote corner of the world, you will be inspired to consider the Togolese people here your brothers and sisters – even if you have to wait until heaven to meet them personally. What an incredible family reunion that is going to be!

None of our development projects – wells, chapels, a medical clinic, agricultural projects, schools and more – would be possible without financial support, but please be assured that your prayers and your sacrifices also provide powerful help for the mission. We want you to know that we pray for you as well. At every Sunday Mass here in Atchanvé, we lift up to the Lord the special intentions of all our supporters.

Every square inch of our world and every one of its inhabitants belong to Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who died and rose to save us all. It is our burning desire that his Gospel, the good news of his grace, forgiveness and love, will “speed on and triumph” (2 Thess. 3:1) among the Togolese people, and that many souls here will be added to the Church, his worldwide family of faith.  We invite you to be a part of our efforts to help make this happen by being a friend of the Togo mission.

Because her noble heart was filled with love for God and zeal for the salvation of souls, St. Therèse of Lisieux was named Patroness of the Missions without having ever set foot in a mission land. Following her example, you too can be a missionary without leaving home.

Feel free to browse our website to learn more – and help us to spread the word.

God bless you!

Father William Ryan

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